I’m not deaaaadddd—- rkhjgbrgblzhb 

And and 

Iiiiiii wiiiill begin a doujiiiinnnnnn—

//You must say “WOOOW This lazy girl can do that ? o H o)” //

With Devil!Russia and …… And just normal France 

(( Sorry for all the french on this post, if you can understand I’m sorry quq) It’s just stupid notes and others notes for explain, but all are in the draw: :’DD
 And the 1st draw it’s ” My precious Ivan …. Than I love you. ” If i’m not mistaken DD: ))

Otherwise, the doujin,will not be than the style of design here …Just a manga’s style, cauuse if I do that in realist,  …. I can DDD8 kjhebghjeg 

voila voila ~